The land of nourisher art and celebrated, Isfahan is the prideof this native land.The reputation of this city,depending to the claves magicalartful amorous that Made briskit, each side to look at it, to seemthat door of paradise whichopening for you.

I dare to say, the Iranian carpet, has, the same of his long glory historic the greathistory. The history that all over associated with blood and willing of this people .There are many families with the willing a ware in the long centuries, to sit on the hanging of carpet and created the authentic design and ornaments that recount fine talents and his love history associated with design and ornaments on the brow ofcarpet and rug, to be eternal .

Numerous profession which depending to carpet weaving for remote location to unknown centers of products and offer of carpet, the whole, to be justified these offortsbecause there are represented on of the famous heritages of arts of this population to the world people . Never the less the famous name of the Dadarshti virtue family, has other color and adour , because the head artisans who rises of this artful family , every one has the way of doing exclusive , the family has never to train the art.

What is this art, truly?It is the unruly love?It is a part of the uproar intern to reach at the lover?It is a part of the Pains, sparks?From this points which the name of Dardashti associated with holy love and the lover if do not love making, what is he doing?This family, know that prayer carpet and before creating and blot of color and line by line, to worship with your design, with creating innovative works in effect, created worthy work, glad your lover's . In this family, each color, is the prayer and worship of God. Only persons, who knew his mystery that to bill and coo. With language arts, with object of eternal worship and many years, in this manner.

The chief of this family is the late Ali Dardashti. He is born in the years 1300, during his childhood. His inaughts the same his predessors were directed toward carpet. In the short time, he becomes famous with his particular style.

He used if silk warp in the composing of the carpet weaving. He could be to the extent so that become the master in this case , in Isfahan and Naein. He is the same of his predessors, was fascinated by chastity and ceremonies family, to the extent that not weaving the name of Ali in the below of his weaving carpets.

Therefore, he bedecke his carpet with Isfahan 110 Dardashti.Today these carpets have a great worthy between the artfuls. In the end, the charming life Ali Dardashti, creator of the floral design, designs and ornaments slim, and the great numbers of the beauty and tenderness, in the end of the flower season, in the third day of month of Khordad 1379, to hurried up visiting his sweetheart.

However, this is not the end of affairs , such that his uncistors, to be transferred each other this art , he is also transferred that valuable deposit to his son, Engineer Asghar Dardashti, to take aventage experience of the ancestors and perfect awareness from genuine art , to work in this profession.

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